WP Twin – Why You Should Regularly Backup Your WordPress Blog

WP Twin WordPress Backup ScriptIf you use WordPress then you’ll know that there are regular updates for this content management system. These updates are designed to improve the functionality of WordPress and they are also created to fix security risks. So it’s important to apply the updates to your WordPress site as soon as possible.

However, when an update becomes available I don’t immediately apply the update. This is because with the newer versions of WordPress there can sometimes be issues that could affect the performance of your blog or even break it. When you set up your WordPress site you probably install a theme other than the default and you almost certainly will use plugins. And it can take a while to test these to make sure that they are all compatible with the update.

This is why it’s prudent to backup your website before making any changes. It’s also good practice to have a test site so that you can assess the impact of any major changes before you apply those changes to your main site. And it’s also good practice to apply one change at a time as then if something goes wrong you can more readily pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Now, I recently updated a site that I manage to WordPress 3.4.2 without performing such a test and without doing a manual backup. Although in this instance, doing this probably wouldn’t have made a difference because the problem was not immediately apparent.

On this particular site I was using the Thesis WordPress theme. After making the changes to the site I tried to add a Custom Field to a post so I could add images for a slider but it just wouldn’t work. This was an issue I’d never experienced before. Now, as I said, I didn’t perform a manual back up of the site prior to updating WordPress but I wasn’t concerned because I had set up WP Twin auto-backup with this website. So I knew I had a clone of this website, prior to it being updated, that I could deploy if I experienced any problems.

And that’s what I did. I simply deployed a clone with WordPress 3.4.1 and I was able to add Custom Fields once again. But now I know there’s a compatibility issue with this version of WordPress I’ll make sure this is resolved before I update the website.

However, with WP Twin, I could have just as easily performed a manual back up of the site as well. It only takes a few seconds to do. And so you don’t need WP Twin Auto Back Up. I like the auto back up facility because I manage quite a few sites and it saves me from having to remember to back each one up on a regular basis. Especially, when you’re managing websites on behalf of others it’s nice to have the security of knowing that their website is backed up in case of any emergency.

It’s important to note that WP Twin is NOT a plugin and that’s a BIG advantage because if your site is down you won’t be able to use a plugin. WP Twin is a script that you upload to your server and so as long as you have an Internet connection you can use WP Twin to backup your WordPress blogs. And it will back up everything – your installed plugins and themes (as well as their configurations), posts, pages, comments, permalinks, etc. Absolutely everything!

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