WP Twin the #1 Tool for WordPress Cloning and Back Up

WordPress IconWP Twin is a tool I use on a daily basis.  It helps to give me peace of mind and it makes certain things I do online faster and easier.

So, if you’ve never heard of WP Twin, let me explain…

WP Twin allows you to clone WordPress blogs.  So if I’m creating a new website I can experiment with different versions of the website and once the a design has been approved I can simply clone that website and install it on the desired domain.  This cuts down a lot of time as I can create a website clone and deploy it on another domain within minutes.

Think about it…

When you install WordPress onto a domain there are lots of customizations you need to make. Naturally, some of these customizations will be specific to that actual blog or website but others will be general.  In other words, there are some standard plugins and configurations that you make  no matter what blog or website you’re working on.

Just imagine that when you go to a restaurant and order a pizza that they had to make everything from scratch.  It would takes ages for your pizza to be ready.  No restaurant could stay in business working like that.  Instead, they prepare the pizza base ahead of time and then add the requested toppings.

It’s the same thing with website building.

You can create a basic website platform on any domain and using WP Twin you can deploy this basis construct to any domain you’re working on thereby saving you time and therefore money.

I also use WP Twin to automatically back up websites that I create for myself and for my clients.  I manage several websites and the last thing I need to do is think about backing up each one on a daily basis.  I can rest assured that should anything happen to any of the websites I manage, so long as I have an Internet connection, I can quickly and easily get them up and running again.

And it’s so easy for something to wrong with a website.  You can break a website even when installing or making upgrades to plugins. Embarrassingly enough, I recently crashed a website I was working on.  I don’t even remember now what I actually did but fortunately I had made a backup of the site using the WP Twin and I was easily able to restore it.

While I automatically create back ups of websites I create for clients.  I don’t charge for this service.  But you could.  If a website goes down because of error or because someone has hacked into it then it can be a real headache for the website owner, not to mention the potential loss of income.

 A colleague of mine was in the middle of a product launch when her website was hacked into.  It took days for the website to be restored.  The embarrassment, loss of traffic, loss of income and stress could have been avoided if, at the time, she had used WP Twin to back up her site.

I’m sure that by now you can see the value of this software.  But I’ve got some good news and bad news for you…

When I purchased WP Twin it came with an unlimited license meaning that I could use it on any domain that I owned or managed.  Since that time the developers of this script have produced numerous other highly successful software and while they have also upgraded the WP Twin script and also created WP Twin Auto-Backup Add-On (an additional purchase but so worth it!) the price for WP Twin has remained static.

This is about to change.

The current low price for the unlimited domain license is soon set to expire.  In fact it will soon treble!  However, you’ll still be able to  purchase the script to use on a limited number of domains for a lower price.

So my recommendation is that if you want a robust and reliable script to back up and create clones of your WordPress blogs get WP Twin before the change in the pricing structure.

The script comes with step-by-step video tutorials plus a PDF  document to guide you through using the software but believe me – it’s really easy to use even if you don’t consider yourself to be very technical.

WP Twin Cloning/Back Up Software

To date WP Twin has been successfully used on over 163,000 domains!  It’s a tried and tested product so get it before the price goes up.  It comes with a 30-day guarantee so give it a try and if you’re not absolutely delighted simply ask for a refund but as I said, for me it has become an indispensable tool.

WP Twin Cloning/Back Up Software