WP Twin Auto Backup for WordPress Blogs

WP TwinI purchased WP Twin shortly after it was released.  WP Twin allows you to clone a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes and as such has a wide range of applications.

For instance, if you have a particular theme, layout and style, plugins, etc. that you want to use for multiple websites you can create what would effectively be a template and then modify clones of that template.

When you  consider how long it takes just to install all the plugins you would customarily use to optimize the performance of your website then you can immediately appreciate how much time you’d save it could simply deploy a clone of a similar website to the one you want to eventually create and just make minor modifications.

You can also use WP Twin to backup your website.  Sometimes you upload a new plugin or make some other seemingly harmless modification to your website but end up adversely affecting the performance of your website or, worse yet, crash your site altogether.

At times like this it’s reassuring to know that, with WP Twin, you can have your site smoothly running again in a matter of a few minutes.

It is good practice to backup your websites on a regular basis.  After all, you don’t want all your hard to go to waste should something happen to your site.  I was listening to a special report by John Delavera the other day and he was stressing the importance of automation.  Automation is vital if you want to grow your online business.

I manage some websites that I have to back up on fairly frequently and I knew I could save a lot even more time if I used WP Twin’s auto backup facility.  I was right.

It’s so easy to install the script for WP Twin’s auto backup and to set up the Cron job. The script is accompanied by a step-by step guide that I haven’t even looked at.  Instead, I simply followed the 5-minute video on the sales page.

You have total control regarding the frequency with which you want to backup you site.  So you can choose to backup your site on an hourly, daily, monthly, or whatever period of time you choose basis.

When you backup your website the resulting file is stored in a htaccess file, and that simply means that your files are secure.  It’s one of those things where you think to yourself: “Why didn’t I do this before.”

Using the WP Twin auto backup system gives me complete piece of mind.