WP Twin 2.7 Now Available – Clone Your WordPress Blogs in Seconds

WP TwinAn upgrade for WP Twin – WP Twin 2.7 – is now available.  And, if you’ve not heard about WP Twin before, then it’s a script that allows you to clone WP blogs in a matter of seconds.

There were a few hosting providers that were not compatible with previous versions of WP Twin.  WP Twin 2.7 contains fixes for hosting providers such as GoDaddy that did not work with the original script.

WP Twin is great for blog owners and Internet marketers who may want to create multiple blogs with a similar structure as it eliminates the process of having to install and set up your chosen WordPress theme and configuring the plugins that will optimize the performance of your blog.  Even experienced webmasters can spend hours configuring a web site.  With WP Twin, should you ever wish to create a similar web site you can simply create a clone of the original website and then deploy a clone of that site.

WP Twin is ideal for creating websites for clients as you can easily create variations of a website for your client to consider.  You can also create a website on a sub-domain and then simply transfer it to its intended domain once it’s completed.

WP Twin can also be used to create back-ups of your WordPress blog or website.  Having your website hacked into is a website’s owner worst nightmare.  It happened to a website belonging to Al Gore and recently one of those giveaway websites was hacked into and it could happen to your website.  With WP Twin, if you regularly back up your website, you never have to fear someone hacking into your website again.  If your site should become a victim to hackers you can have your website up and running again in a matter of minutes by simply deploying a clone of your website.

While it’s quick and easy to manually back up your WordPress blogs and websites using WP Twin, there’s an add-on that automates this process.  With the automated backup you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to backup your website.  You can decide the frequency of your backups as well as the time of your backups.  This add-on is ideal for webmasters who manage lots of websites.

For more information about WP Twin and to watch FREE demonstration videos on how to clone a WordPress blog and deploy a clone please visit the URL below: