WP Profit Builder Review – The Pros and Cons

WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder is a new drag and drop visual editor. It was built by Sean Donahoe of the Internet Marketing Success Centre and it is designed specifically for marketers but has a multitude of applications. You can test drive this WordPress plugin by visiting the link below:

WP Profit Builder

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of this software.


  • It’s highly intuitive and very easy to use. You don’t have to know any coding to achieve your desired effects. So it’s suitable for both newbies and experienced web designers.
  • You don’t need to know code in order to get the most out of this plugin. And even if you don’t know any code at all, you could still create stunning websites with this software.
  • It’s 100% responsive and mobile friendly. With more and more people using mobile devices it’s vitally important that your website is accessible on such devices.
  • It can be used with any WordPress theme. So you can transform even a one of the default themes into a work of art and there are over 40 modules for you to use to create your desired webpage.
  • It’s designed for maximum conversions – all the templates are based on templates that have been proven to convert well.
  • It’s extremely flexible. You can start off with a blank page or choose from one of more than 50 templates.


To be honest I’m struggling to find things that I don’t like about WP Profit Builder. There are several drag and drop editors and visual editors on the market and I’ve tried all of the main ones. Some have been very good while others left much to be desired. This blows all the visual editors I tried out of the water – even the very good ones.

If there are any drawbacks to the software then I’d say it’s the level of customization that you’re able to achieve with this software. This is truly one of those editors that allows you to create whatever your imagination conceives. And so for someone with less experience of creating websites, etc. the sheer detail of the control panel may seem a little overwhelming.

However, this is where the 50+ templates come in handy as you can see how lots of different web pages are put together. And modifying these templates will be great practice in understanding the full versatility of the WP Profit builder.

Also, this is a WordPress Plugin. It compatible with the latest WordPress update, i.e. 4.0 but plugins need to be continually updated to ensure compatibility. Also, plugins can create conflicts with other plugins. With some developers this is a concern because some plugins are not developed and updated. However, Sean Donahoe is well-established, highly regarded Internet Marketer. I have bought several of his products. They are all very robust, extremely well thought out with a clear user-interface. I therefore have no worries about this plugin with respect to it being upgraded when necessary.

Visit the link below to see demos of the functionality of WP Profit Builder and also training on how you can use this WordPress plugin to build stunning websites and boost your marketing results.

WP Profit Builder