WP Profit Builder Bonus – Why I Love this New Drag and Drop Live Editor

WP Profit Builder is a new Visual Editor by Sean Donahoe that is literally revolutionizing how WordPress users build WordPress sites.

WordPress builder is a powerful plugin that enables you to create sophisticated marketing pages, optin pages, review pages, membership sites, and much, much more. It’s a WordPress plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme to give you greater flexibility in using that particular theme or you can use it with the WP rofit Builder theme for even more options.

Now clearly, this site is not built with Profit Builder but I’ll probably use it for at least 90% of all new sites I create from now on. And I’m currently working on a suite of websites (five websites in total) for client for a special arts project as well as a personal website. So I will soon have a portfolio of websites built using this plugin and here are a few of the reasons why I really like this plugin:

Ease of Installation
It’s a WordPress plugin that you can easily upload via your WordPress plugin. And once you’ve activated and authenticated it you’re ready to go.

Mobile Responsive
Profit Builder is completely mobile responsive. What’s more it’s includes a facility that allows you to check how your web page will look on a range of mobile devices. Web pages created with WP Profit Builder do resize very well but sometimes you may need to make a minor adjustment to achieve optimum results. With this plugin you can quickly and easily test the effects of any changes that you may make.

Ease of Duplication
With Profit Builder you can copy and paste content within a specific web page and also between different web pages. You can easily duplicate an entire webpage and you can save webpages as templates. All of these factors dramatically speed up the website creation process. The drag and drop editor is so

Ease of Use
The plugin comes with over 50 modules that you can use to develop your desired webpage. These modules are all very well organized and quick and was y to use. A s a result it’s super-easy to test things out as if you don’t like the look of an element you chose, You can quickly replace it.

Profit Builder also comes with over 50 templates which can be a great starting point for those who want an express way to set up a site.

And there’s another great reason why I love this plugin. It’s because it’s so encompassing that it reduces the need for several other plugins. With Profit Builder you can easily create contact forms, accordions, tabs, countdown timers and more all with this plugin and so it reduces the need for plugins to create these elements.

WP Profit Builder is currently available at a massively discounted price but for how much longer I don’t know. What I do know is that the discounted price is an absolute steal. And to be honest, it’s even worth it at its non-discounted price – but why pay more?

Bonus Pack

To get the bonus package below, simply click on the image to find out more about this visual editor and make your purchase. Then send a copy of the receipt to info@provenimsolutions.com.

WP Profit Builder Bonus Package