WP Mega Pack – Massive Discount on Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Over 60 MILLION websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. And, if you can’t get your head around that statistic then consider this – one in six websites is built on the WordPress CMS. And this includes many well-known sites such as Forbes, Time, Mashable, eBay, UPS, CNN, The New York Times, Sony, Reuters…

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is because it’s so versatile. It’s like a blank canvas. The look, feel and functionality of your WordPress site is basically down to the skill and imagination of your web designer. However, not everyone wants to start off with a blank canvas.

And here’s where stylish, professional WordPress themes that you can easily customize come into play. The problem is finding attractive, premium WordPress themes can be a huge headache. There are hundreds to choose from but some WordPress themes are badly coded and some even contain malware. And then if you do find a theme that you like, chances are it won’t come cheap.

You face a similar issue with WordPress Plugins. What’s more, adding a badly coded WordPress plugin to your site can literally break it. The other issue with plugins is that they need to be updated on a regular basis to take care of security issues and fix any bugs with the software. Some developers run out of steam and are no longer able to update their plugins. Out of date plugins are a great security risk.

So what if you could get over $10,000 worth of premium WordPress themes and plugins for less than the price of just one theme and that these themes also come with a Developers’ License so that you can also use them on your clients’ sites as well? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But visit the link below and see for yourself:

WP Mega Pack

And there’s more…

All of these WordPress themes and plugins all of which had been checked. In addition, you’ll receive 12 months of updates. Plus you can use these themes and plugins on your clients’ websites as well as your own.

WP Mega Pack is being sold on a dimesale and so the sooner you act the greater your savings.