Why You Should Be Using Templates in Your Business

Templates for BusinessTemplates save you time and money and so you should definitely be using them in your business. And the chances are that you are already using templates in your business or, perhaps to be more accurate, templates were used to create various elements in your business.

Yes, the chances are that if you outsourced certain elements of your business such as website design, report cover design, business cards, sales letters, articles, reports, etc. that whoever created these for you used a template. This is not to say that what was created for you was not original but that in order to facilitate and speed up the creation process the designer, copywriter, author, etc. used a template.

There’s another reason to use templates in your business. As your business expands you want everything you create to have a consistent look and feel. This helps to strengthen your brand identity and build trust.

The question is though how effectively are you really using templates in your business? And by this I mean do you have any of your own templates that you consistently use in your business?

For instance, do you have templates that you could simply hand over to a Virtual Assistance with limited instructions and get them to create your desired product?

Well, that’s the way Rapid Crush, Inc. works and this is a multi-million dollar a year company. They create templates for virtually everything and then hand it off to someone…and it gets done. Without this approach Rapid Crush, Inc. would not be as successful as it is. Without this approach Rapid Crush, Inc. would not have been able to grown as rapidly as they have done. In addition, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos the owners of the company would not be in a position to react as effectively to lucrative opportunities when they arise.

So they have templates for:

• Product Creation
• Sales Copy
• Video Sales Copy
• Squeeze Pages
• Free reports
• Facebook Ad Campaigns
• Follow-up Sequences
• And more.

Now you have a unique opportunity to learn how to use these templates so you could use them (and hand them off to outsourcers) and profit from them.

Just click the link below to sign up for a free webinar where Jason Fladlien will demonstrate “in real time” how you can effectively use these templates.

He’s called his system “The Reverse System” because at Rapid Crush, Inc. they reverse engineer what works and then create a template for it. Cool, huh?

Here’s the link for FREE webinar again:

The Reverse System Webinar