Why It’s Now Easy to Have Your Own Money-Making Apps

Easy App FormulaApple celebrated a monumental milestone earlier this month – the downloading of its 50th BILLION app.

Brandon Ashmore, of Mentor, Ohio, downloaded the word game ‘Say the Same Thing’ breaking the 50 billion mark for the App Store and was rewarded with a $10,000 prize from Apple. This is just a drop in the ocean to Apple who have earned approximately $3.9 BILLION in earnings from the App Store. And this sum only represents 30% of the revenue generated.

What if you could earn a small piece of the multi-billion dollar market?

Some marketers have turned their attention completely to this area and are making millions of dollars.

Apps range from the sublime, such as Summly, to the ridiculous such as iFart.

“Summly condenses news articles into three key paragraphs that fit onto an iPhone screen. Users can customize the news categories and link to the original article if they like the summary.”

And I’m sure I don’t need to explain what the iFart app does.

Interestingly enough Summly was created by a British teenager, Nick D’Aloisio, who sold the app to Yahoo for millions of dollars. While iFart was created by the veteran Internet Marketer and bestselling author, Joel Comm. And Joel Comm has earned closed to a million dollars from this app and he has others in the App Store.

Now while 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio developed Summly himself, i.e. he wrote the programming for it, you don’t have to be technical to be able to create your own apps. You simply need a clear idea of what you want your app to do and then you can outsource the development of the app.

But isn’t that expensive?

It depends.

Some marketers have spent thousands of dollars developing their apps. In fact some spent so much on app development that they had very little left with which to market their apps.

And here’s another thing. Apps aren’t restricted to just Apple. There’s Google and even Amazon. And so you could potentially partner with these giants…if you know how.

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