White Scribe Video Tutorials

White Scribe Video Training TutorialsWhite scribe videos, you know those videos where you can see a hand drawing and writing have become very popular. Many top Internet marketers are using them to promote their products and services and, as you can imagine, some if these videos can be very expensive to create.

In fact, one company charges $1,000 per minute to create such a video!

The reason why these videos are so expensive is because there’s such a high demand for them because they are so engaging. They can help to dramatically boost conversion rates.

But what if you could create such videos yourself without having to pay such an exorbitant fee? Well, there a site that can give you access to whiteboard scribe software for free for 7 days.

You can make the videos as long as you want, add a hand to create the images, write any text that you want and you can add royalty-free background music from a large collection. What’s more, you don’t need prior experience, a camera or even your own whiteboard.

But what you do need to be able to do is effectively and efficiently use the software to create these special videos. Next, you then need to plan the video or videos that you wish to create. Then, when you upload the white scribe video software you can make the most of the free trial and you may even find that what you’re able to earn as a result of creating these videos makes it worthwhile subscribing to the service, even if it’s just on a temporary basis.

You can see an example of one of these videos by clicking the image below:

White Scribe Video Example

And you can learn how to create your own white scribe videos with a new 7-part video course…

  • Video 1 – Introduction
  • Video 2 – Install The Software
  • Video 3 – Adding Images
  • Video 4 – Adding Text & Callouts
  • Video 5 – Adding a Soundtrack
  • Video 6 – Hand and Paper Options
  • Video 7 – Adding Voice Narration

You learn how to:

  • Add a hand (right or left) to your videos or even add your own hand.
  • Add all the images and emoticons you want to your video.
  • Use all kinds of fonts, font sizes, even call-outs and other drawings.
  • Change colors, textures, or anything else.
  • Make videos enjoyable with soundtracks and narration.

Once you’ve mastered this skill you may even consider offering white scribe videos as a service to your clients. Even better, you could train your own virtual assistants, offer this service but have your assistants do the work.

White Scribe Video Tutorials

You’re protected by a one-year guarantee with these video tutorials so you’ve nothing to lose by checking out this program.