WebCamp Product Creation Streaming Seminar with Armand Morin

WebCamp Product Creation - FREE Live Streaming Seminar with Armand MorinThe next WebCamp with Armand Morin will focus on Product Creation and will take place on 25, 26 and 27 April 2014.

WebCamp provides the benefits of attending a live event without having to leave home so you’ll save money and time while enjoying a great learning experience.

“I’m nearly earning an MBA this weekend from Armand Morin on WebCamp! It’s the most comprehensive, Internet training program around!”
Brenda Diller

Product Creation is something that any business can use to increase their revenue. There are two main types of products that you can sell – digital and physical but beyond this there are a myriad of different products that one can create these days and there are a myriad of different products you can create from one basic product as well.

Also, in contrast to when you make a sale as an affiliate, when you create and sell your own products then you have the opportunity to maximize your returns. After your expenses, the money you earn from the sale is all yours.

“Product Creation is the most direct way to increase the amount of income that you make.”
Armand Morin

During this 3-day, live streaming event you’ll learn how to:

~ Create apps for various phone devices (iPhone, android).
~ Outsource the creation of your apps.
~ Make your own software.
~ Outsource your software creation for the least amount of money.
~ Take your information, i.e. your content, and create a product that you can market immediately.
~ Create high-selling audio products.
~ Create PowerPoint and motion picture videos.
~ Stream and store your videos so that no one steals your content.
~ Sell your products and services through a membership site or have the membership site actually as a product.
~ Create and effectively format Amazon Kindle books.
~ Optimize Kindle books.

And more.

After attending WebCamp Product Creation you’ll know how to effectively and efficiently create and sell your own product.

So sign up for this next WebCamp. Over 3,000 people attended the last WebCamp WordPress so don’t miss out on this FREE event:

WebCamp Product Creation

“I have bought thousand dollar courses that gave me less content then the last day with Armand [Morin] and this is FREE.”
Peter Nici