Video Tutorials Show How to Create Eye-Catching Book Covers Using Free Software

Discover How to Create Your Own GraphicsIn my last post I reviewed a great course that provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video guide to self-publishing.

Well, if you’re going to be publishing books, physical or digital, you will need book covers and possibly some graphics for your book as well. This is something that you can outsource but you won’t always be happy with the results you obtain.

Yet, you may hesitate to create your own covers and graphics because you may think that you’re not very creative…but what if you had access to special software that made creating book covers, graphics, logos and headers super easy?

And, what if you could get that software for free?

Well, you can but only for a limited time when you purchase the video tutorials for this design software for just $7.

These video tutorials demonstrate step-by-step how to:

~ Install the Logo Creator software

~ Use the free templates that come with the Laughingbird software, how to create your own templates and how to access additional templates.

~ Adjust the canvas so you can easily edit your graphics, book covers and logos.

~ Edit your images by changing the colour, angle, size, brightness, opacity, etc.

~ Edit the text by changing the font, character spacing, alignment, size, and more.

~ Source high quality free images.

~ Create eye-catching book covers.

With this software you can not only create stunning graphics for yourself but you create and sell your creations to your clients.

Logo Creator Video Tutorials

The tutorials come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and so you’re investment is entirely risk-free.