Video Marketing Secrets Revealed in New Report

Video Marketing SecretsI’ve just completed a quick read through of a special report called “Video Mystic” on video marketing. I wanted to to read it through quickly at first to get the gist of the content before re-reading it in more detail. You see it’s packed with tips that can help you:

~ Create videos more simply and easily
~ Gain more exposure for your videos
~ Repurpose your videos to get more eyeballs viewing your content
~ Earn more from your videos

Actually, it’s quite a lot to take in all at once and, as the author advises, you do need to decide just what elements of the report you’re going to act upon and implement.

This special report also reveals how to:

~ Use videos to gain more clients for your business.
~ Use videos to land Joint Venture (JV) Partners and affiliates.
~ Create high converting video sales letters in six easy-to-follow steps.

Naturally, there were a few things contained in the report that I was already aware of and already do. For instance, how to prevent videos from stalling and stopping? That’s so frustrating. And the solution I use overcomes this issue and allows you to do a number of other things as well which I’ll go over in a separate post.

There was also a lot of detailed advice about screen capture video software, in particular Camtasia which is generally regarded as the leading screen capture software on the market. While it can be a worthwhile investment, it’s not inexpensive and you do have to spend some time learning how to use the software properly to get the best results. CamStudio is recommended by many marketers as a free alternative but I’ve tried CamStudio and wasn’t happy with the results.

Fortunately, there are alternatives and the report touched on some of these including some free options which are particularly useful for shooting short screen capture videos, i.e. less than 5 minutes. And there are a number of uses for short videos so having such a tool at your disposal is very handy indeed.

I also discovered alternative means of video syndication as well as how to market your videos via Amazon.

No doubt, you could research all this material yourself but why go through that hassle when you can get this information presented to you in a concise, easy-to-read format.

Click the link below to read all about it and access your copy of this report and, if you are not already doing so start integrating videos into your marketing strategy:

Video Marketing Secrets