Video Marketing – Advanced YouTube Video Embedding Secrets

YouTube iconHave you noticed that even top level marketers are using YouTube to host their videos when doing product launches?

And with good reason.

Click the link below for an example of this:

Using Emotional Intelligence To Create Info Products

It’s super easy to upload a video to YouTube and then embed your uploaded video on another website.

YouTube has the capacity to withstand large volumes of individuals watching your video at the same time and you have the added advantage of not having to pay for the additional bandwidth.

YouTube videos can also be viewed on mobile devices.

But if you do decide to use YouTube to host videos that you play on your website you may not always want to make it obvious that it is a YouTube video because then the person might just decide to leave your site and watch the video on YouTube. And, once they leave your site and go onto YouTube they can easily become distracted.

In fact, I first noticed that certain videos were being hosted by YouTube when I clicked on the video to enlarge it and inadvertently clicked on the obscured YouTube logo instead. Ever since then I’ve wondered how to embed YouTube videos and hide the YouTube logo. Well, I’ve just read a great report on Video Marketing that teaches how to do this and much more.

However, just with regards to embedding YouTube videos its reveals how to embed videos so that they do the following:

Autoplay – very handy for product launch videos when after someone registers to watch your video they don’t have to take that extra step, as small as it may seem, to actually watch the video.

Autohide Video Controls so that they show only if you hover your cursor over the video – in this way they are not distracted by the video control buttons.

Hide the YouTube Logo – so that the YouTube logo doesn’t display in the control bar. (However, it will still appear on the screen if you pause the video or hover over the screen.)

Hide Related Videos – so that related videos are not shown at the end of the video which could be some other marketer’s videos!

Hide Video Information – so that information such as the video title and who uploaded the video are not displayed before the video starts playing – again you don’t want people to click on your video and watch it on YouTube rather than your site.

Start Somewhere Other than the Beginning – so you can direct people to a specific spot in your video instead of having them watch the whole thing through just get one point.

These advanced YouTube tactics and lots more video marketing tactics and strategies, tips and techniques are revealed in video marketing training manual called Video Mystic. Click the link below for FULL details:

Video Mystic