Use WP Twin to Move Your WordPress Blog FAST and EASY

WP TwinWP-Twin is new technology created by Wilson Mattos (S3FlowShield) and Jason Fladlien that makes moving WordPress blogs and or websites from one domain to another or from one hosting account to another both FAST and EASY.  Many highly experienced Internet Marketers have talked about the difficulties they have incurred when attempting to do this in the past even when they outsourced the work to companies supposedly experienced to handle such transitions smoothly.

So how does WP Twin actually work?  WP Twin is a script that allows you to clone your WordPress website or blog in a few easy steps.  You can then “deploy” your clone on the same or another WordPress site that you own.

The word “clone” can sometimes conjure up negative connotations.  Clones are often seen as inferior to the original.  However, what WP Twin does is it exactly replicates the content of your WordPress blog or website so that the resulting “clone” is IDENTICAL to the original website.

Everything is cloned – pictures, plugins, posts, comments, pages, images – the lot!  So moving your WordPress website need not be a hassle.  The procedure can now be performed in a smooth and seamless manner using WP Twin.  Therefore, instead of stressing about moving your website, you can turn the move into a special event.

As mentioned, the process of transferring your website to another domain or server with WP-Twin involves first creating a clone of your website and then deploying that clone on another domain or add-on domain.  Once this has been accomplished you can then change your DNS records and upload your cloned website to its new hosting account.

Therefore, you can estimate how long the whole process will take and plan accordingly.  You could even do a dummy run just to ensure that there are no hitches.  For instance, you can start the process when the volume of traffic to your website is generally at its lowest.

The time it will take to upload your cloned website to it the new account will naturally depend on the size of your account.  Sometimes the upload can literally take place in the time it takes you to blink.  What can cause a longer delay is changing the DNS records.

So now that you can rest assured that your website transfer will happen smoothly you can turn your website transfer into a special event and use it to boost traffic to your website.

Here are a few things you can do to leverage your website move:

  1. Post a message on your site informing visitors that there will be a brief disruption of service.
  2. Send a broadcast message to your subscribers informing them of the website transfer.
  3. Set up Tweets and Facebook status updates to keep your followers up-to-date with the progress of the transfer.
  4. Set up a blog post to go live once the move is complete and offer a prize to the first person to post a comment.
  5. Write a Press Release announcing your move.

In this way you can keep visitors and subscribers informed and you’ll probably attract new visitors to your website as well.

Once the move is complete, you can use WP Twin to backup your website on a regular basis so that should your website be hacked, or perhaps you install a new plugin or upgrade to a new version of WordPress and you break your website in the process, you can quickly deploy the backup clone of your website and be up and running again in as short a time as possible.

Click the link below to watch free videos showing how fast and easy it is to use WP Twin:

WP Twin – Clones WordPress Blogs in Seconds