Thrive Content Builder WordPress Plugin Review

Thrive Content Builder WordPress PluginAt the time of writing this post there are over 75 billion sites. Over 100,000 new WordPress sites are created every day.

And the reason why WordPress is so popular is because it is so versatile. WordPress may have started out as a blogging platform but it’s versatility means that with a little imagination and perhaps a larger measure of skill one can create almost any type of site you want.

A key factor in the growth of WordPress has been the development of WordPress plugins that facilitate simple tasks like adding a contact form to converting your blog into a sophisticated ecommerce website. But despite this there are some drawbacks to using WordPress.

When you’re building content on a page or post you have to keep clicking preview to see what your content looks like. And, in many cases, you have to keep saving as you make changes in order to be able to preview the effect that your changes have made. By the time you finish your page or post you may have countless drafts. The WYSIWYG editor doesn’t quite do what it promises.

Also, it can be challenging to create say a pricing table for a product which has different tiers. In fact, there are plugins which exist just for this function alone.

Another way, to format your content is through the use of shortcodes. For instance, I recently installed a plugin on a website I was working on that allowed me to create an accordion.

These plugins are great but you still have to learn how to use each one and sometimes I’ve installed plugins and almost immediately deleted them because either they weren’t very intuitive to use or because the user interface was rather clumsy.

A number of plugins have been developed that allow you to drag and drop modules some are quite powerful and are capable of helping you to create quite professional looking websites.

But what if there was a plugin that really allowed you to see what your content truly looked like as you were editing it without flipping back and forth between preview and edit mode?

Well now there exists such a plugin.

I have to admit that at first I was somewhat in a state of disbelief. Like I’ve said, I’ve tried quite a few content builders before and even the high-end content builders had their limitations but I thought that this was just the way things had to be. But one man dared to think differently and decided to create something better.

Shane Melaugh’s Thrive Content Builder WordPress plugin is the best click-to-edit content builder for WordPress that I’ve come across. When I watched the demo I was stunned and excited because I could see how this would transform how I worked with WordPress.

Thrive Content Builder Plugin Demo

This plugin will enable you to create beautiful pages and posts FAST and EASY. And even if you outsource your website creation this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. This plugin allows you to:

  • ~ Edit and build in real time!
  • ~ Create beautiful layouts with drag & drop ease
  • ~ Add multiple content boxes with just a few clicks
  • ~ Insert fully customizable buttons & call to action elements
  • ~ Add professional-looking testimonials & guarantee forms

Plus so long as you use a mobile-responsive theme all of your content created with the Thrive Content Builder will be 100% compatible with it.

Click the link below to watch the demo:

Thrive Content Builder Plugin Demo