Thrive Content Builder Visual Editor WordPress Plugin Update

Thrive Content Builder Visual Editor WordPress Plugin

The Thrive Content Builder WordPress Plugin is currently being offered at a low launch price but will soon be temporarily be taken off the market. When it comes back on the market it will be offered at a higher price and so if you’ve been sitting on the fence regarding this WordPress visual editor plugin now’s the time to make up your mind.

Quite a few individuals who have purchased the plugin have not been able to immediately use it. They have experienced difficulty in getting the control panel to display. I too experienced this problem.

I installed it on two sites  and, initially, it would work on either. However, I managed to fix it for one of my sites but, as yet, not another, which coincidentally is this site . The problem is not with the plugin itself but the environment in which the plugin is operating. There are countless combinations of themes and plugins being used on WordPress sites and so even with robust testing you’re going to hit a few snags.

Many of the issues where the control panel for Thrive Content Builder has not loaded is because of jQuery conflicts. Basically put, the plugin is sometime conflicting with other installed plugins. You have to realize that not all plugins are well-coded. In some cases, they may be out-of-date. So, even although the Thrive Content Builder is well-coded and designed to be as compatible as possible, conflicts can and will occur.

What is significant is that most of those who have purchased this plugin and have experienced this issue have been very understanding. They see the potential of this plugin, realize its value and have just decided to wait patiently for these teething matters to be resolved.

So if you’d like to try out this unique, drag and drop, click to edit, visual editor for WordPress that allows you to see the front end of your post or page as you are working on it then click the link below:

It’s very intuitive to use and there are training videos available in the members’ area should you get stuck. Using the Thrive Content Builder  allows you to create and professional format content for your posts and or pages fast and easy.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and so you’ve nothing to lose.

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