The Great Kindle Challenge

The Great Kindle ChallengeHere’s your chance to take part in a unique Kindle marketing experiment – The Great Kindle Challenge. Ryan Deiss is offering you a ring-side seat to the launch of his new book on Amazon Kindle so you can see exactly what he does to promote this book, give it away and eventually sell it.

His target is 10,000 downloads and 500 sales within the first month.

He is also aiming to reach #1in its category (or several categories) in Amazon. In other words, he’s looking to turn his book into an Amazon bestseller.

So will he succeed or will he fail?

Now the Kindle version of this book normally sells for about $2.99.

And you might be thinking that’s not a great deal of money. But, with a 70% commission rate and shifting 500 units per month that still a $1,000 per month info business.

Okay, you say but even if he succeeds this month, there is no guarantee that he’ll be able to sustain this level of income.

True, but when you publish a book on Kindle the commissions from that book are just the start of the income streams you can generate. It’s possible to create multiple streams of income from just one Kindle book. And one of the things that Ryan Deiss’s new book explains is just how you can achieve this.

Also, if you successfully publish one book on Kindle will you stop there? Of course, not. Any savvy marketer will repeat the process and so create even more streams of income.

Now not all of your publications will have the same level of success but that doesn’t matter.

Now you may think that what Ryan Deiss is doing – providing a live inside look at one of his book launches is pretty risky. What if it all goes pear-shaped?

Well this is not the first time he has promoted a book on Kindle and so he’s confident he knows how to pull this off. And, if I was a betting person, I’d put money on him achieving his latest goal.

So don’t miss out on this unique experiment. Click the link below and follow this experiment step-by-step. Plus, for the next few days you’ll be able to download a special report on Kindle publishing as well as the book featured in this experiment for FREE!

The Great Kindle Challenge