The 3 Critical Factors to Becoming a Successful Kindle Publisher

Kindle Krystal BallIn the early day of Kindle Publishing many folk took the approach of uploading as many publications as possible to Kindle with the hope that some publications would be successful. Many top Internet marketers outsourced this and were publishing scores of books and reports on Kindle.

Several of these top Internet Marketers were encouraging individuals to publish PLR and Public Domain material on Amazon or to republish material that they’d published elsewhere on Kindle. Now you can publish PLR and Public Domain material on Kindle but NOT as is.

If using Public Domain or PLR material you need to use this material as the basis or foundation for new material. Too many individuals were publishing PLR and Public Domain material on Kindle as is and, as you can imagine, this was having a negative impact on the quality of Kindle publications. Naturally, Amazon was not going to tolerate this and so more stringent rules were introduced to help maintain the quality of Kindle publications.

Many Kindle publishers had their publications withdrawn from Amazon and many even had their accounts closed. Many other publishers escaped with a stern warning.

You see, the nature of Amazon is that if you publish on Kindle you will likely make sales but the volume of sales you make and whether or not your sales will continue depend on three (3) critical factors to becoming a successful Kindle publisher:

  1. The NICHE that you choose for your publication
  2. The QUALITY of your publication, and
  3. The MARKETING of your publication.

I discovered an excellent report that provides a 10-Step Kickstart Kindle Promotion Plan. (It can also be applied to physical books.) If you implement this marketing plan you will dramatically improve the chances that your book sells well.

You can use outsourcing to create a quality Kindle book or report. In other words, even if you hate writing, you can still become a very successful publisher.

And I highly recommend the following course if you’re thinking about outsourcing your Kindle book:

Outsourcing a Kindle Book

However, there’s one caveat…

To optimise your chances of becoming a successful Kindle Publisher, you need to ensure that you choose the right niche for your book. There are niches on Amazon that are potential goldmines and other niches which are far too saturated.

But how do you evaluate which is which?

Now Amazon provides a lot of data that can help you make this determination and if you set out to do this research manually it would be very tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is another way.

The link below is for a special webinar which explains in detail how to manually choose a potentially successful ebook niche for Kindle. And yes, this method is very laborious.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

One of my mentors has developed software that makes this process easy and even fun to do. Using it is akin to having your own Kindle Krystal Ball!

To watch a free webinar demonstrating how easy it is to find profitable ebook niches with this proprietary software click the link below – no optin required:

Kindle Krystal Ball Webinar

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