Take Care When Choosing a “Premium” WordPress Theme

WordPress IconI’ve purchased a few “Premium” WordPress Themes recently which, on the surface, looked great but when I started to use them I ran into several issues. I contacted the helpdesk for one of the themes I purchased and submitted tickets outlining some of the issues I was experiencing.

For instance, in the case of one theme, you should have been able to select a plain coloured background or be able to choose a texture. However, when I chose a texture it would not then allow me to choose a colour. I received a response regarding this particular issue but the response didn’t help and although I said as much I never received another response. I also didn’t get a response to other tickets.

With one particular theme I was experiencing so many stumbling blocks that I decided I wasn’t going to use this theme after all. This theme had the look of a website I wanted to build and I thought that using this theme would make it easier for me to build the website I wanted. I was wrong. What was interesting is that afterwards I couldn’t access the sales page again.

This happened with another theme that I purchased – a Groupon-type theme. There were flaws with this theme as well and again customer service was such that not all my questions were answered. This theme was also withdrawn from the marketplace.

And so I’ve made a decision to stick to working with a few key themes that I know I can rely upon and I know that I can get support should I experience any issues. Many Internet Marketers will boost about their customer service but, from experience, many do not live up to their claims.

One of the themes I will continue to use is Socrates Premium WordPress Theme. It’s the theme that this site is built on although I’m not using the most up-to-date version of the theme on this site. It’s a great theme for building niche websites. It’s easy to use, customize and monetize.

One of the appealing features of the latest upgrades to the Socrates WordPress theme is the ease with which you can display a slider and convert your site to one of two magazine layouts. I must confess that the only thing I don’t like about this particular feature is that it’s not that easy to customize how the actual slider displays, i.e. the transitions, time for the transitions, height of overlay, etc.

I usually use the Featured Content Gallery or Dynamic Content Gallery and so am used to having easy control over all these features. Still, Socrates makes light work of creating a website with a magazine-style layout.

The theme has loads of great features which are succinctly summarized in the demo video below. You can also test-drive the theme for free for 7 days which is fantastic but an unlimited license for the theme is a mere $57 for which you gain access of lifetime upgrades and you’ll also have access to a very active and enthusiastic forum.

Click the link below to find out more:

Socrates Premium WordPress Theme

[S3VIDEO file=’Socrates-Theme-Demo.mp4′ height=”274″ width=”486″ bgimage=’http://proveninternetmarketingsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Socrates-468×60.jpg’ redirect=”http://viewhere.info/socrateswptheme”]