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Boost Blog Income with Marlon Sander’s WP Dashboard for Leads and Sales

Marlon Sanders has just launched the WP Leads and Sales Dashboard, the third in a series of dashboards that he has created over the years. This dashboard is broken down into 6 rows each with 6 icons and it’s designed to take you step-by-step from WordPress blog installation and customization to generating leads and sales. […]


FREE Webinar – How to Set Up A Small Business WordPress Website in 1 Hour

WordPress is a very flexible and highly customizable content management platform. However, if you’re new to WordPress then setting up your WordPress sites can be quite daunting. This special webinar will demonstrate just how easy setting up your WordPress site can be. This webinar will start from an empty hosting account and show you step-by-step […]


WP Twin – Why You Should Regularly Backup Your WordPress Blog

If you use WordPress then you’ll know that there are regular updates for this content management system. These updates are designed to improve the functionality of WordPress and they are also created to fix security risks. So it’s important to apply the updates to your WordPress site as soon as possible. However, when an update […]