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Clone and Backup WordPress Blogs in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re setting up lots of WordPress blogs in a short space of time as I’ve recently had to do it helps to be able take a shortcut or two. It’s like building a house. You can have several houses all constructed on the same basic theme and then you can customize each one to […]


Earn More from Your Webinars with New WordPress Plugin

There are so many excellent webinars available these days that it’s virtually impossible to attend every single webinar that you’re interested in. What’s more, you can sometimes forget to sign up for a webinar or only hear about a particular webinar after it’s over. In cases like this, if it’s a topic that I have […]


New WordPress Plugin Dramatically Boosts Your Income

Nowadays, Internet marketers are increasingly using time-sensitive selling tactics. Yet, have you ever purchased something at a discount after the stated discount period expired. I certainly have. And, it may appear that some marketers are intentionally using false scarcity tactics to boost sales. But marketers are humans too. Sometimes they genuinely forget to increase the […]