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The 3 Critical Factors to Becoming a Successful Kindle Publisher

In the early day of Kindle Publishing many folk took the approach of uploading as many publications as possible to Kindle with the hope that some publications would be successful. Many top Internet marketers outsourced this and were publishing scores of books and reports on Kindle. Several of these top Internet Marketers were encouraging individuals […]


Niche Marketing – Are You Asking the Right Questions to Identify Profitable Niches for Your Online Business?

To achieve online success you need to be able to identify and target a profitable niche. However, many marketers go about this the wrong way. An excellent way to identify a profitable niche is to ask your subscribers what they want. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it really interesting to ask people what they are […]


How to Identify And Target Highly Profitable Niches Online

One of the biggest challenges Internet Marketers face is identifying profitable niches online and then successfully targeting them. In fact, I recall attending a webinar once where an Internet marketer was sharing his success with a particular type of website and naturally he had a course to offer. One of the attendees was astute enough […]