Step-by-Step Case Study Reveals How to Earn Money from Ugly Sites

Pathetic Money Makers - Discover How to Earn Money from Ugly Sites

When thinking of selling products online as an affiliate it’s natural to think of selling digital products. And the commissions you can earn from selling digital products can be quite substantial. Commissions in the region of 50% or more are quite commonplace.

The commission rates for physical products are often not as generous and that’s not unreasonable when you take into account that the product owner is not only responsible for the creation of the product, they are also responsible for the packing and shipping of the product. So commission rates for physical products are often less than 10%. However, you should not let this deter you.

Physical products often cost much more than digital products and so generating commissions, even at these lower rates can still be a good money earner. The other factor you should take into account when deciding whether or not to promote physical products is that the conversion rates you can achieve selling physical products can be greater than those you can achieve selling physical products. And this means that, over time, you can actually end up earning more money from selling physical products than digital products.

Another factor that favours the selling of physical products is that you have so many to choose from. Plus more and more people are buying online instead of going to a store and so the opportunities for you to earn money selling physical products are increasing.

One of the ways to sell promote physical products online is naturally via a website. And this deters many marketers because they think that they have to set up a really fancy website but this is not the case.

Marketers have been achieving great success using very simple, ugly-looking websites. These websites are pulling in $20-$100 per month. Now you may think that’s not a great deal of money but this is virtually passive income as the websites are zero to low maintenance. And so you can see that if you were to repeat the process and set up several of these money earners then you could be generating a tidy sum each month almost on autopilot.

However, like with everything there are certain pitfalls you need to avoid and certain procedures you need to follow if you want to be successful in selling physical products online. Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to follow a detailed step-by-step case study on how to choose the right product to promote and how to build your own pathetic website so you can start earning money FAST.

From this case study you can duplicate the process used to create a website that earns up to $100 per month. What’s more, this model

* Is scaleable
* Builds an asset
* Requires zero maintenance
* Is easy to build
* Produces quick results

So click the link below and check it out for yourself.

Earn Money from Ugly Sites