Special Report Reveals How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages

Special Report - How to Secure Your Facebook Fan PagesIn my previous post I discussed a report I had read on how to set up a SSL Certificate on your Facebook Fan Page.

This is something which is critical at this time because this is now a requirement by Facebook. And while it does create extra work for  marketers this requirement will make Facebook a much safer platform for everyone to use.

However, someone posted a comment with a link to website that provides SSL certificates which really ticked me off. On this website SSL certificates started at $95 per year, i.e. even more expensive than the expensive example I mentioned in my post.

So the person who made the comment clearly didn’t even read my post. All they were interested in was promoting their affiliate link. Now, if you decide to purchase the step-by-step guide on how to set-up a SSL Certificate for your Facebook Fan Pages via a link on this website I’ll be compensated but here’s the difference.

I’ve read this report and followed it instructions and found the whole process to be very straightforward because of the clarity of the report. However, I have to admit that, without this report, I would have floundered.

The next thing is that this report was written by two marketers who I trust and respect. In fact, I’ve bought quite a few of their products because they’re great quality and good value for money.

By following this special report I have saved a considerable sum of money and learnt quite a bit in the process.  It’s also a service I can now offer to others.

Now, you don’t have to do what I did in terms of going through the report and installing the SSL certificate yourself. You could outsource this task. Still, it’s often useful to go through a process yourself at least once even if you plan to outsource it so that you know what’s involved.

The price of this report was due to increase on the 1st October but when I last checked the price hadn’t gone up yet – so if you hurry…

Here’s the link:

How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages

Remember that the solution provided in this report needs only to be performed once and is valid for scores of Facebook Fan Pages, i.e. with this method ou don’t need to set-up a SSL certificate for each Facebook Fan Page you own.

How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages