Skype and Instant Teleseminar Integration

Skype LogoOne of the teleconferencing services I like using is Instant Teleseminar.  It’s a highly versatile and robust service that allows you to host plain teleseminars or webinars where you deliver a PowerPoint presentation.

And, when I do interviews, one of the questions I’m frequently asked is if I use Skype.  I personally don’t use Skype for professional interviews because I still find that the reception can be erratic.  I prefer to use a landline phone and, of late, I’ve also used the phone service offered by Gmail.  In 2010 it was free to call US numbers via the Gmail phone system and, hopefully, they will continue to offer this valuable service in 2011.

Originally Instant Teleseminar did not support Skype but that has now changed.  And Rick Raddatz has made it super easy for users to connect to calls via Skype.  All you have to do is dial “joinconference” from your Skype dial pad and enter the conference PIN.

This makes it even easier for individuals to connect to an Instant Teleseminar event for FREE regardless of where they live.

You can test-drive the entire system for 21 days for just $1 by clicking the link below.

Instant Teleseminar

FREE training is provided on not only how to use the Instant Teleseminar conference and webinar system but also how to integrate teleseminars and webinars into your business to boost your revenues.