Six Figure List Building Web Summit

Six Figure List Building Summit

I’ve heard Internet Marketers say that if they could only keep one thing it would be their list because with their list, assuming of course, that they had access to a computer and an Internet connection, they could get their business up and running in no time and generating income again.

But, what if even your list was taken away? And many prominent Internet Marketers who today run multi-million dollar businesses were once in that position.  In such cases, knowing how to build a quality and highly responsive list in a short period of time was invaluable.

And list building is very important to growing your business and this is true whether or not your business is primarily online or offline.

However, many people struggle with list building and so I was delighted to discover a great resource – a list building web summit with 14 expert and hand-picked Internet marketers who each go about list building in very distinctive and highly effective ways.

Here’s what 3 of the experts will be revealing during their in-depth, step-by-step presentations:

Terry Dean

How Anyone can Add RED HOT Targeted Subscribers To Your List

erry Dean is the Million Dollar Business Coach. He made a lot of people sit up and take notice when he generated $96,250 over three (3) days in front of a live audience. In his presentation he will reveal:

• A quick trick to boost email signups from any squeeze page by 20% or more – and it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to do this.

• How to tap into the most visited website on the internet and start generating subscribers for any niche in 1 hour or less.

• Conversion secrets on 6 Websites that FREELY share the best headlines and ad copy for all your online marketing

• How to use your toughest competitors to fill your subscriber list with red hot prospects for your products and services.

• The #1 Biggest mistake that sabotages your marketing when advertising on Facebook.

Click the image below to listen to sample Terry Dean:

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Kathleen Gage

The $100,000 List Building Solution

Kathleen Gage is the Executive Producer of this web summit and a very savvy business woman. She has endured a number of personal challenges over the past few years but such is the structure of her business that it has been her bedrock allowing her to absent from her business when the need arose and still earn six figures online.

With Kathleen Gage you’ll discover:

• A unique system guaranteed to increase your credibility, market reach, revenues and list size.

• How to have others jump at the chance to partner with you to introduce you and your products and services to their market

• The very steps Kathleen uses that you can immediately replicate and implement in your own list building and revenue generating efforts.

Click the image to listen to sample from Kathleen Gage:

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Pam Brossman

Build a List FAST Using Online Digital Media

Pam Brossman is the author of Your Millionaire Attitude and is a contributing author to five other books on the topics of video and digital marketing.

Your Millionaire Attitude by Pam Brossman - book cover

Pam Brossman will be sharing:

• Why online magazines are popular list builders and why the gurus are jumping on the band wagon.

•How to quickly create your own for free or for little expense using a tool already on your computer.

• How to use other leader’s lists to grow your own very quickly.

• How to use this list building medium as a residual income generator while positioning you and your brand as a leader in your niche.

Click the image to listen to sample from Pam Brossman:

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A great thing about this web summit is that you can consume the information in your own time, i.e. you dictate your learning schedule.

As it is a web summit, as opposed to a teleseminar summit, the information is presented in video format. However, you will also have access to the presentation slides, transcripts and MP3s so you have complete choice as to how you learn the information.

For full details about the Six Figure List Building web summit click the link below:

Six Figure List Building

Great bonus gifts from ALL the experts including a LIVE 2-part webinar training from Kathleen Gage: Increase Your Revenues, Position and Expert Status Through the Power of Telesummits ($297 Value).