SendReach Makes Changing Email Marketing Platforms Easy

SendReach Email Marketing PlatformAt one time or another many marketers decide to change their Email Marketing Platform.

And this is not is decision which is taken lightly because in most cases you can’t simply upload your list of subscribers to your new email service provider and start marketing to them immediately.

You have to inform your subscribers that you are migrating to a new service and ask your subscribers to re-optin to your list.

There are several problems with this method:

  1. Some of your emails will not reach the inbox of your subscribers;
  2. Many of your emails will not be opened by your subscribers; and
  3. Even if your email reaches your subscribers’ inbox, is opened and read there is no guarantee that they will take the necessary ACTION.

Therefore, during a migration you will naturally lose some subscribers.

However, now there’s a new Email Marketing Platform that is transforming email marketing and which makes changing service providers a piece of cake.

So if you are a customer of another email service provider and decide to move your business to SendReach you don’t have to worry about getting confirmation emails from your subscribers.

SendReach will take care of the transfer for you within 48 hours. What’s more, as your list of subscribers is imported, this email marketing software will automatically gather publicly available demographic data on members of your list of subscribers.

This will enable you to significantly enhance the way in which you communicate with your subscribers boosting responsiveness and conversions.

For full details about this new and innovative Email Marketing Platform visit the URL below:

SendReach Email Marketing Platform