S3FlowShield for Secure Video Amazon S3 Video Streaming

S3FlowShield Product BoxS3FlowShield is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to securely stream video from Amazon S3 on your website.  It can also be used for secure audio streaming and to create secure download links for your digital products including PDF files.

The way it works is S3FlowShield generates unique URLs for embedded content each time the page loads.  These URLs automatically expire based on the time limit you set and so they cannot be shared with non-authorized users.

What I really like about this plugin is that it’s so easy to use.  And I have to confess, if I download a plugin and find it too difficult to configure I often delete it in preference for a plugin that’s easier to use. 

Once you’ve installed the plugin all you have to do is write a simple line or two (depending upon your degree of customization) of code into your page and you’re done.  Once you’ve done it a few times you’ll find the codes easy to remember.  There’s clear documentation to guide you and should you get stuck support is readily available.  The developer of S3FlowShield himself, Wilson Mattos, has always been quick to answer any questions I’ve asked.

With this plugin you can set default settings for your videos but you can also customize your videos individually.  This is great because there’s a variety of ways in which you can customize your videos.  You can:

  1. Change the dimensions of your video player.
  2. Embed your video or choose to play your videos in a JavaScript pop-over where you have high-resolution videos that exceed the dimensions of your theme.
  3. Choose your preferred player although it comes with Flowplayer pre-configured.
  4. Add a background image to your video so that when your video isn’t playing your visitors are not presented with a blank screen.
  5. Use multiple video formats – FLV, MP4, and MOV (H.264 Encoded) Files.

Customers are entitled to free upgrades for one year after purchase of the product.  In fact, Wilson Mattos is currently working on an upgrade.  I’ve signed up to be one of his beta testers and I’m eager to see what he’s cooking up this time.  The tagline of one his websites is “technology made simple” and that is certainly what he achieves.

You can use also the plugin on any WordPress site that you own making S3FlowShield a very good investment indeed.