Rich Schefren Exposes The Mind Virus in New FREE Report

VirusI recently watched a program on the BBC called “Secret Universe – The Hidden Life of the Cell”. It was a fascinating look at how a virus attacks a single cell and a cross between a sci-fi movie and a thriller.

Our cells have numerous defence mechanisms and each time you think that the virus had been thwarted it was revealed just how cunningly a virus operates and step-by-step the cell’s line of defences were broken down until the cell itself was destroyed.

Luckily, our bodies are made of trillions of cells and so we can afford to lose a few in the on-going battle between viruses and our body. In addition, once our body overcomes a particular virus then our body stores the antibody to that virus within our bone marrow so that should we become infected again with the same virus our body’s can quickly respond and destroy the threat.

So what have viruses got to do with Internet Marketing and business? Well Rich Schefren has just launched a new report – his first in five years – where he states that a new virus is affecting market. It’s one that is highly contagious and is being passed from one marketer to another. And it’s killing businesses even before they can get started.

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FREE Report – The Profit Prophesy

  1. A quick test to see if you’ve been infected by this mind virus is to ask yourself the following three (3) questions:
  2. Are you frustrated by the lack of progress in your online or offline business?
  3. Are you constantly spinning your wheels, and never getting the kind of recognition you want?

Are you exhausted just trying to keep up with all the latest tools and strategies for your business?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions then I strongly encourage you to check out Rich Schefren’s new free report.

This free report has the full story on this “mind virus” and the adverse effects it can have on you and your business.

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FREE Report – The Profit Prophesy