Review of Facebook Marketing Course – FBinfluence 2.0

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape and whether you love or hate Facebook, as a marketer, you can’t afford to this Social Media platform. And yet, because it’s constantly changing and for other reasons it can be challenging to master Facebook and you could find that you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook with very little to show for it.

However, many marketers, business owners (online and offline), authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and many more are successfully using Facebook and making a lot of money. And now, if you’re struggling to get to grips with Facebook marketing and or would like to see a far greater return of your investment of time and other resources into Facebook then I have just the course for you.

It’s called FBinfluence 2.0.

There are several good courses on the market about Facebook marketing. The trouble is that some of them are rather expensive. One of the good things about FBinfluence 2.0 is if that it is very affordable especially since this training program has recently been launched.

But, when you select a course, price should not be your only consideration or indeed your main consideration. Quality should be your main concern and this course has that in spades.

It’s also extremely well-presented. Each module comes as a high-quality video, PDF and mp3 which make this training material super easy to consume and review the material whatever your preferred learning style. The members’ area is also accessible via a mobile device such as an iPod or iPad – another plus.

The training material contains lots of clear examples and case studies, which further enhance the clarity of the information. In addition, key points are reinforced throughout each module. There were a few points which, while I saw their validity, I knew I wouldn’t want to put into practice but that still left me with lots I could change to improve my marketing on Facebook.

With FBinfluence 2.0 you’ll discover how to:

• Create a huge flood of leads for your product or service on autopilot

• Attract highly-targeted prospects who are eager to do business with you

• Get testimonials with social proof

• Position yourself as the maven in your industry

• Grow a vibrant community of raving fans around your product and service

• Turn Fans into Super Fans that are excited to buy what you’re selling


“Your FBinfluence course has just been Magic! It is the first course on Facebook that I have seen that is a true step by step system from start to finish. Tons of content, but not overwhelming because of the pre-planning stage which most courses leave out. Perfect course to give to an assistant because of the clear instruction. Very well done!”
Neil Howe, Eternal Advertising Solutions LLC

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