Reflections on Willie Crawford’s 100k in January 2012 Diary

100k in January 2012I’ve been reading the Willie Crawford’s diary entries of how he will earn 100k in January 2012. Actually, he will earn much more than this but for the sake of simplicity let’s just focus on the $100,000k element. His daily “rants” make for fascinating reading because he is really allowing you to see how he thinks and to have such an intimate insight into the workings of the mind of someone who operates at his high level is priceless.

Even for a prolific writer like Willie Crawford, I would say that this project is challenging because he has committed to doing this live, i.e. sharing his income-earning activities and thought processes every day in a diary format as opposed to say producing a report at the end of the month. This is definitely more powerful.

One of the characteristics of this Internet Marketer and JV Broker that shines through is his self-confidence. He has complete and utter belief in his ability to achieve his goals without being arrogant.

In fact, he’s quite the opposite and in this special 100k project he is allowing you to see not only what he does right but also the mistakes he’s making. This leads to a very important point, one that is perhaps best summed up by Mike Litman:

“You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.”

In other words, all too often, often people stop themselves from achieving their goals by not starting. They want everything in place before they get going but the truth is that will never happen. It’s far better to take action to achieve your goals and make corrections as you go along.

He has also been very open in sharing his marketing strengths and weaknesses. There are some areas where he could probably surpass many top Internet Marketers with one hand tied behind his back but there are some areas where he has much more room to grow. However, he’s very confident that he can rise to the top in these areas because he has a proven system that he can follow and he knows that, if he follows his system, he will become mega successful in these areas too.

Once this project is over at month-end the cost to access this information will be much higher and so now is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an expert Internet Marketer willing to show you day-by-day just how he will earn more than $100k in January 2012.

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100k in January 2012

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