Profit from Text Messaging with New WordPress Plugin

Text MessagingText messages are one of the easiest, cost-effective and profitable ways to market to your customers.

It’s easier for someone to subscribe to a text messaging list compared to an email marketing list. All they have to do is text a keyword to a specific number or they can even simply scan a QR code.

And here’s an interesting statistic regarding text messages which highlights the value of text message marketing…

A recent study has revealed that the average email is read in 48 hours but the average text message is read in just 4 minutes!

Plus the 2011 study by Google, The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users, stated that in 2012 the preferred choice to get coupons is through mobile devices.

So, the bottom line is, you are leaving money on the table if you are not incorporating text messaging into your marketing mix.

Now there are a lot of big companies, e.g. Dunking Donuts, Hilton Hotel, McDonalds who are already profiting from using text messaging but small local businesses have been slower to adopt this mode of marketing. One reason for this is local business owners don’t know how to do it. In addition, many think it’s expensive.

However, you can rent a phone number with a local area code for the US, Canada and the UK for your text messaging campaigns for as little as $1 per month. And inbound and outbound text messages start as low as a penny each in the United States and Canada. In the United Kindgom, they are 4 cents a message.

Naturally, you also need a platform/system via which you can send your text messages. Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a new Text Messaging WordPress plugin you can use to send text messages via a WordPress website

This gives you complete control of your text messaging platform as you host it. There are no monthly fees to pay except, of course, your regular hosting fees and your actual text messaging fees. All you have to do is install the WordPress plugin on your domain and you’re all set to send out text messages to mobile devices.

In addition, your customers can also use your phone number to call in and hear a recorded message from you or a “text to speech” message. They also have the option to press any key after they call in so they can be forwarded to another number, voicemail or live agent!

So, using this WordPress plugin, you can use text messaging to help boost your personal business and or you can offer a premium text messaging service to other local business owners.

Click the link below for full details about this plugin:

Text Messaging WordPress Plugin

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