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Product Creation Secrets WebinarThis year I’m going to be focusing on product creation. There are many types of products you can create for instance you can create mobile apps, software or just plain old ebooks. And it’s the latter that I’m going to focus on.

Now you may be thinking that just focusing on creating ebooks isn’t very ambitious and isn’t very lucrative but you’d be wrong. You can repurpose ebooks in a multitude of ways. For instance, you can create the audio version of your ebook, you can create a course from your ebook, you can create webinars from your ebook. And all of these products can be monetized.

Plus, nowadays you can sell an ebook on more platforms than ever before.

Just today I received an offer for a very special ebook package where the marketer offered to do the following:

1. Select the topic for a 50-page ebook to be created.

2. Write that ebook within 21 days.

3. Create an awesome package of graphics.

4. Write a sales letter for your ebook.

5. Integrate the sales letter with the graphics.

6. Assist in selecting the domain name for the ebook.

7. Provide the hosting (option).

8. Automate the sales process so that customers will be able to download the ebook instantly after their payment.

9. Setup a helpdesk for customers to contact you after their purchase if needed.

10. Give you the FULL OWNERSHIP of the exclusive ebook for you to use as you see fit.

Now, of course this marketer wasn’t going to do all the work himself. He has a team of experts (writers, graphic artists, copywriters, etc.) that he is using for this project. However, it just shows what you can do using a little imagination and just how lucrative information product creation can be because this offer was priced at $1,497 to$2,997.

Not bad, eh?

So if you want to get a head start on information product creation I highly recommend that you watch the replay of an excellent webinar on information product creation. Yes, there is an offer at the end of the webinar but the webinar is well worth watching just for the content because this marketer is a bit of a maverick.

He thinks outside of the box and often has a different approach to things that is quite refreshing.

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