Prizes Galore in Upcoming Auction Webinar

Auction WebinarI attended the last Auction Webinar in January and I must admit it was rather fun. I also didn’t expect another webinar of its kind until at least autumn because you see it take a tremendous amount of work to organise an event of this nature.

During this Auction Webinar you’ll be able to purchase high quality products at huge discounts. There’s even one product that is going to be offered at 96.2% off plus there will be several prizes on offer during the webinar including:

  • $2,000 in cash
  • An iPad3
  • Kindle Fires

And more…

And, because these products will be on offer for such crazy prices, they will only be available for 5-10 minutes and then the window of opportunity will be closed for good.

If you plan to attend this event, I’d advise making a wishlist. In some cases you’ll be able to identify the precise product that you’d like to purchase while in other cases you’ll simply be able to identify that, in an ideal world, you would have a product that would enable you to do…

Now, naturally, I can’t guarantee that the precise products you want will be on offer but you may get lucky and then, if the price is right you’ll be able to purchase it at a significant discount.

You should also set a budget because it’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement of the event and just as some folk do in live auctions end up spending far more than they intended.

Taking this approach will help to ensure that you don’t go crazy and buy lots of things that you either don’t really need or won’t end up using.

However, even if you do end up buying something you decide afterwards that you don’t want then again, if the last webinar was anything to go by, you’ll be able to get a refund. During the last webinar there was just one merchant who decided that he wasn’t going to offer a refund on the product that he offered on discount. And this was made very clear from the outset.

Click the link below to register for this webinar:

Auction Webinar