Niche Marketing – Are You Asking the Right Questions to Identify Profitable Niches for Your Online Business?

Niche Marketing - Are You Asking the Right Questions?To achieve online success you need to be able to identify and target a profitable niche. However, many marketers go about this the wrong way.

An excellent way to identify a profitable niche is to ask your subscribers what they want. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

And it really interesting to ask people what they are interested in because the answers you receive are often not quite what you expect. However, these answers are critical in helping to identify profitable niches which you can target.

For instance, Frank Kern recently conducted a survey. His videos are legendary – very high production quality and he delivers great content in a very entertaining style.

He wanted to create a new batch of videos and so wanted to know what his mailing list wanted. His survey was short and sweet – just three (3) multiple choice questions but the results were pure gold. The brevity and format of the survey almost certainly encouraged more people to complete it – a total of 4,621 individuals to be precise.

Frank Kern's Survey

The first question was what type of videos did people like best – now bear in mind that this is Frank’s list and so another marketer asking a similar question might elicit a different response – but most people opted for “Live Action With Teaching On The Big Ass Whiteboard”. Funny enough, it turns out that good ole Frank has just moved house and his new home doesn’t even have a white board as yet but that’s something that’s easily remedied.

In response to the question “What kind of stuff do you want me to teach you?” the answers were intriguing. You see the top results were split between “Stealthy Persuasion And Online Sales” and “How To Get Started”. In other words, what people wanted represented both ends of the spectrum as stealth tactics are really for the more advanced marketer rather than someone who is just starting out online.

And finally, it’s always good to check to see if your message is reaching the widest possible audience. And with so much talk nowadays of mobile marketing Frank did the smart thing to check to see how his audience was generally consuming his material. Reassuringly, for now at least, the majority of individuals who responded to this survey watched his videos on their computer.

This is a great case study that highlights the importance of surveying your list to identify what your next area of focus should be and what niche market you should be targeting.

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