New WordPress Plugin Increases Your Volume of Facebook Likes

Facebook Like ButtonNo doubt you’re already familiar with the Facebook Like button.  Whenever you click a Facebook Like button your friends know about it because whatever you’ve liked is shown on your Facebook wall.  Chances are that some of your friends become curious about what you’ve just liked and they visit the webpage displaying the content you’ve just shown your approval for.

Many marketers will ask you outright to “like” their content.  But what if you could force the like by withholding content until the person trying to view it “likes” it?  Well, now there’s a cool new WordPress Plugin that enables you to do just this.

Can you see the potential of this to dramatically boost traffic to your sites?

Once you install the plugin you have the option to enable it on any of your websites page or a post.  And you can decide that visitors to your site can either like the content on the existing web page and or you can enter a completely different URL for folks to like.

When a person visits your website a popup will be displayed.  And you can configure how long the popup remains, and how often the popup will be shown to viewers of your content and, of course, the actual content of the popup.  You can configure the popup with text, html or video.

It’s a nifty little tool that you can install in minutes and is super easy to use as the short video (2 minutes 24 seconds) below demonstrates.

This new WordPress plugin not only has the potential to boost your number of Facebook Likes, it also has the potential to dramatically increase your traffic as well.

[S3VIDEO file=’wplikelockoutdemo.mp4′ width=’500′ height=’375′ redirect=’’]