New WordPress Plugin for Full Automated Backup of WordPress Blogs

WP Back Up PlusIf you use WordPress for your blogs and websites you should practice backing up your sites on a regular basis.

WordPress is extremely powerful and there are millions of sites online that use this Content Management System but accidents can happen.

For instance…

~ You or another authorised user of your site can break your site, or

~ Someone could hack into your site.

Therefore, you need to back up your site easily and consistently so that if you do experience any problems with your website you can easily restore it.

However, there are other reasons where backing up your WordPress site is beneficial.

For instance, if you create websites for clients then you should offer your clients a back up service.

If you create lots of WordPress websites then chances are you are using a lot of the same basic settings for each of your sites. It would make sense therefore to create a basic website and then copy or clone that site and then continue to customise it. This step alone can save you many hours of time and ultimately save you lots of money too.

I have been using WP Twin to back up and clone my WordPress sites and I’ve been very happy with this solution. I also purchased WP Twin soon after it was released and so was able to purchase the unlimited license for much less than it is currently being offered at. The unlimited license now costs $297. I also purchased the auto backup add-on which really helps to give me piece of mind as I don’t have to remember to create a backup of any site I’m working on as I can set up a cron job so that this happens automatically at preset intervals.

However, another option has just come on the market that many may find somewhat easier to use and which is more economically priced. It also has a few features that WP Twin does not offer such as the ability to send your backup straight to your Amazon S3 account or your DropBox account.

In addition, you can either do a manual backup or schedule an automatic backup – all from within the dashboard of your WordPress website..

WP Backup Plus

Even although, as I’ve mentioned, I already have WP Twin (which is a script as opposed to a plugin) I took advantage of a low introductory price to purchase the Developer’s version of the WP Backup Plus  WordPress plugin because I wanted to test it out for myself.

To date, I’m quite happy with the plugin. It’s as easy to install as any other plugin and is very easy to use. I had a couple of queries before I purchased the plugin plus a query afterwards and all my questions were answered promptly. So I’m also happy with the customer care I’ve experience thus far.

This plugin is certainly worth checking out and, if you’re not already backing up your WordPress sites then this is an invaluable investment.

You’ll be able to back up your sites with a few minutes of installing this plugin.

WP Backup Plus