New WordPress Plugin Dramatically Boosts Your Income

WordPress IconNowadays, Internet marketers are increasingly using time-sensitive selling tactics.

Yet, have you ever purchased something at a discount after the stated discount period expired. I certainly have.

And, it may appear that some marketers are intentionally using false scarcity tactics to boost sales. But marketers are humans too.

Sometimes they genuinely forget to increase the price when they state they will and at times life gets in the way. Something urgent may crop up which may demand their attention.

This can work to your advantage when you’re the buyer but, if you’re the seller, you’re leaving money on the table.

One solution would be outsource this task but it’s not the simplest or most elegant solution. A far better solution would be to automate the changes and now there’s a new WordPress plugin that will do just this. With this new plugin you can set all your pages up from the outset so that right page automatically goes live at the designated time. This leaves you free so you can direct you attention to other aspects of your business secure in the knowledge that your sites are displaying the right page at the right time.

Click the link below to check out full details about this new WordPress plugin:

WP Redirector