NEW Membership Site that Pays You to Join!

Make Money OnlineThere’s a new Internet Marketing Membership Site that, while it’s still in pre-launch mode, is not only free to join – they’ll actually pay you $10 just to sign up! This is an exciting ground floor opportunity to get involved in as you can earn income by referring others to this site.

Members will receive first-class training on traffic generation and list building. Members will also receive tools such as templates, software to boost their Internet marketing activities. Plus, they’ll also receive timely tips on great affiliate programs to promote.

The launch date was due to be this weekend but recent changes to Facebook (which I’ll explain in a minute) have meant that the launch has been pushed back. But this is good news because it gives you time to get on board and time to invite others to get on board as well.

If you’re a member of Facebook then you’ll know that there have been quite a few changes recently. One of those changes was the phasing out of FBML. You’ve probably seen the Fan Pages that say “Click the ‘Like’ button to reveal the free video”. Well, these pages were designed using the now obsolete FBML. And they were very effective.

However, there’s now a new iFrame code in operation and, if you understand it and can write code, you can still create Facebook like pages. If you’re like Armand Morin, who wrote all the code for one of his latest products, Marketer CMS, then adapting to the new iFrame code will be a walk in the park. However, if even just thinking about writing code gives you a headache and makes your eyes glaze over then there’s good news.

Members of this membership site will also gain access to software that automates the process. You’ll be able to create Facebook like pages in minutes!

And there’s more! There will be training on how to make $100 per day on Facebook.

To get the full scoop simply click the link below and to claim your FREE pre-launch membership:

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