Free Webinar – Learn How You Can Use SMS to Reach More Customers

Smart PhoneIf you attend webinars on a regular basis then you may have noticed that some Internet Marketers give you the option to provide your mobile phone number so that they can send you a text message reminder. Time and time again, this has been shown to be highly effective in boosting attendance figures on webinars.

And it’s easy to see why. People generally have so much on their minds these days that’s it’s very easy to miss the date and time for a webinar – even one that you especially wanted to attend. And so individuals appreciate receiving a timely text message to remind them about a webinar they signed up for.

And, if you’ve registered to attend a live event you’ve probably also received text messages reminding you about the event or even text message actually marketing the event itself. However, these are just a couple of ways in which text messages can be used.

Did you know that some of the top Internet marketers are using text messaging to dramatically increase their conversions and sales? And the thing is, text messaging, if you know the right channels to use can be very cost-effective.

So if you sell anything online, you should be using text messaging. If you run any offline business then you should be using text messaging. And if you offer internet marketing solutions to offline businesses, you definitely should be using text messaging.

However, the chances are that, while you regularly send text messages to family and friends, you may be uncertain as to how you can scale this in your business. The good news is that on a webinar scheduled for 16 June 2011 you can discover how to do just this.

And it gets better.

Earlier on I mentioned that using text messaging as part of your marketing mix can be quite cost-effective. Well, on this webinar you’ll learn about a new tool that allows you to send messages to your entire list for free!

Now how cool is that?

So to reserve your place on the webinar is scheduled for Thursday 16 June, 8:00pm EST click the link to reserve your place now:

Text Messaging Webinar

If you’re building your list a key way in which you can increase the amount of money you earn from your list is to increase the conversion rate of your list. A proven and effective way to achieve this aim is to use text messaging. So sign up for this webinar now and learn how innovative ways to use text messaging reach more customers, increase your conversations and boost your sales.

Text Messaging Webinar

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Text Messaging Webinar