Kindle Triangulation Course by James Jones Review

Kindle Triangulation CourseYesterday, I waited impatiently for the release of James Jones’ Kindle Triangulation course. It was due to be launched at 12:00 EST and at 11:59 EST I was on the site. You see, if I didn’t download the course at that time, I would have to wait several hours before I had another opportunity.

First of all, let’s get price out of the way. The report is currently just $7 which makes it a no-brainer to purchase. And still it comes with a 60-day guarantee!

So really you can skip this review and simply click on the link below to get your copy now:

Kindle Triangulation

But back to my review…

As with the Internet in general, there are a lot of changes happening on Amazon and it’s challenging keeping up with all of them. In addition, when you’re doing anything it’s important to test what works best. Yet, even testing can be a daunting task.

Therefore, it’s great when someone takes the time to keep abreast with all the latest developments in a particular area, distils that information and presents it to you in an easy-to-follow format. In Kindle Triangulation, James Jones also highlights the impact of those developments, i.e. how you, as an Amazon Kindle publisher, can make maximize your profits.

It’s also great when someone has done considerable testing in a particular area and can tell you what’s most effective. It eliminates a lot of guesswork and dramatically increases your likelihood of being a successful Amazon publisher.

When I read the course it answered a number of questions that I had. I discovered how I could have potentially earned a lot more from content I’d published on Kindle by making one change. It also helped me to understand how some authors were benefiting from a particular marketing strategy that I’d seen a few times. So I’ll definitely be using these tips and strategies when I publish new content on Amazon.

The expression “new content” is a great segue for what I’m going to briefly discuss next – “Duplicate Content“.

Many marketers were just uploading loads of PLR material onto the Amazon Kindle platform. The result of this was that there was a ton of duplicate content on Amazon which naturally didn’t make for the best user experience. So, in the summer of 2011, Amazon did a massive clearance in what is widely referred to as the “Amazon Slap“.

Amazon didn’t just purge itself of duplicate content. Amazon also shut down many of the accounts that were publishing this content. James Jones was one of the individuals who had his account shut. And when you buy and study this program you’ll find out how he overcame this hurdle.

When you read this report I’m confident that, like I did, you’ll feel the passion that James Jones has for this subject and for teaching. He makes some observations at the beginning of the report that I found fascinating and that changed how I view different content produced in different media.

He also explains just how you should consume the material of this course to get the most out of it. You sense that he genuinely wants you to succeed and become a highly successful Amazon Kindle publisher.

The course covers how to find hot markets, how to publish your content to the Amazon Kindle and how to maximize your income from Amazon.

I just wish that this course material was formatted for Kindle. I hate reading PDF files on my computer.

Kindle Triangulation is a comprehensive course that’s worth much more than $7. In fact, this is just the introductory price.

From 01 February 2012, the price of this course will increase to $97 so get this course while it’s still at this ridiculously low price.

Kindle Triangulation