Kindle Publishing Special Report

Kindle Publishing - Special Report eBook CoverIf you’re considering publishing on Kindle in 2012 and beyond or are looking for tips on how you can maximize your returns from publishing on this very lucrative platform then read this Special Report on Kindle Publishing.

I already have content published on Kindle and I still bought this report because in 2012 I will definitely be publishing even more content on Kindle and I’m looking for expert tips that will help give me a marketing edge.

I got into Kindle Publishing by accident. A prominent Internet Marketer wanted to get their material published on Kindle and so I volunteered to complete this assignment even although I had never published anything on Kindle before. There are a few things I would have done differently if I were to do the same thing today but overall I successfully completed the assignment.

What I really like about publishing on Kindle is that it can truly result in passive income. It’s important to do it right and publish quality content but if you do you can earn passive income on that ebook or special report for months on end without you having to lift a finger again. And Amazon will send you a cheque or deposit your funds directly into your account.

However, there are many strategies that you can deploy to increase the returns you gain from each of your publications. This Special Report on Kindle Publishing does a good job in outlining several of these strategies. Even, if you incorporated just a few of these additional strategies into publishing your Kindle content you’d definitely see an appreciable difference in your bottom line. Plus you could be on your way to earning a sustainable income from Kindle Publishing.

The report also outlines how you can get content from to publish on Kindle. One of the sources it mentions is Public Domain material. My advice is to stay well clear of Public Domain material and other Kindle publishers who are making good money publishing via this medium agree with this.

Amazon does not like Public Domain material. In order to successfully publish Public Domain material on Kindle you need to treat it if it were PLR material. In other words, you need to modify it to make it appreciably different from the original and, in many cases, this is just not worth it. You could end up devaluing the original material especially if it’s regarded as a classic. You could also end up getting your Amazon KDP account banned – like I said…it’s not worth it.

There are numerous ways to generate original, quality content for Kindle – some more labour intensive than others, some which require a small investment and of course, there’re numerous ways in which you can generate content for Kindle for FREE.

And that’s the beauty about publishing on Kindle…

  • You don’t need an upfront investment.
  • You don’t need a list.
  • You don’t need a website.
  • You don’t need to learn traffic strategies.
  • You don’t need support staff or a help desk.

Talk about leveling the playing field!

Yet, through Kindle Publishing it is possible to:

  • Generate a FULL-TIME income
  • Build a mailing list
  • Drive traffic to your website

And, naturally, if you use your Internet Marketing know-how to generate traffic to your Kindle publications you’ll make more sales. And, if you so desire, you can outsource elements of this (at a low cost) to grow your Kindle publishing business even faster.

So check out this Special Report today and, if you haven’t already published anything on Kindle then make it your aim to publish your first Kindle ebook within the next week:

Kindle Publishing Special Report

Kindle Publishing - Special Report