Instant Teleseminar’s Skype is Better than Skype

In my last post I announced thatyou can now use Skype with Instant Teleseminar.  Now one of the issues with using Skype for teleseminars is that of sound quality – it can sometimes be erratic.  Sometimes there can be issues with lag time, feedback and background noise.

So I was really pleased when not only did I discover that you can now use Skype with Instant Teleseminar but that the sound quality for Instant Teleseminar Skype is better that Skype’s Skype.  Huh?

Allow me to explain…

Instant Teleseminar have gone to great length to persuade Skype to use the G.711 codec, the same one that is used on the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), rather than the default highly compressed Skype codec.  This results in super high quality sound with those using Skype for their teleseminars.  And this is what you want and need, especially if you are using teleseminars as a means to create audio products which you plan on selling.

Instant Teleseminar integration with Skype makes it even more flexible and more affordable.

You can try the service for 21 days for just $1 and there are 4 main accounts you can choose from depending upon your needs and the size of your business.

However, whatever account you choose you’ll be able to benefit from the following:

  • Unlimited Webinars and Conferences
  • Unlimited Replay Hosting
  • Automatic Event Page Setup
  • Instant Replay Page
  • One-click recording
  • Streams over any web browser
  • Raised Hands” Q&A
  • “Who’s on the call” dashboard
  • Automatic Microphone Gain Control
  • Industry-leading sound quality
  • Dial out to attendees / hosts
  • Local dial-in numbers
  • Web Chat
  • Fill-in-the-blank setup

And, of course, the ability to connect via Skype.

You can check out full details about this service by clicking the link below:

Instant Teleseminar 2.0

The system is very easy to use and there are training videos should you get stuck.  Plus members benefit from comprehensive on-going training.