How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages With SSL Certificates

Secure Your Facebook Fan PagesSSL Certificates are required for ALL Facebook Fan Pages and applications that use iFrames, i.e. content from an external site. From 1st October, if your external site does not have an SSL Certificate then your site will not show within Facebook.

If you use Facebook (or even if you don’t) you are probably aware of the numerous attempts by hackers to access people’s personal information on Facebook. It is a huge concern to Facebook and its users and hence the requirement for Fan Pages that embed content from outside of Facebook to be “secured”.

The use of iFrames within Facebook has opened up a myriad of profitable marketing and branding opportunities for Facebook users. Going back to using plain, old Facebook pages is not the answer and so securing your site is a must.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” – a term which is about as clear as mud to the average Joe. However, it suffices to say that this is digital encryption that banks and payment processors use to protect financial transactions.

The problem is that getting SSL for all your websites isn’t cheap.  For instance, GoDaddy fees start at “just $69.99 per year”. That’s not cheap. And, if you’ve several sites you need to secure then it can work out to be downright expensive.

Now there are free solutions available but the best things in life are not always free. And, in this case, free can be very costly. For instance, using free shared certificates will not meet Facebook’s stringent requirements. There’s a case of a big marketer who was using this tactic to host 40,000 Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook pulled the plug on them all and over 3,000 customers and all their Fan Pages went down the drain.

Facebook is NOT a fan of shared SSL hosting solutions and so it’s imperative for you to stay clear of free shared SSL certificates as well as services that host your secure pages for you using their own domain.

However, you’ll be pleased to there is a much cheaper solution. I’ve just been reading a Special Report on how you can get a standard SSL certificate for just $1.99. Now naturally, this will not be your only cost but this solution reveals how you can run 10, 20, 50 or even 100+ Fan Pages securely within Facebook for less than $35 per year (including hosting if you don’t already have it).

What I really liked about this report is its clear step-by-step approach. The instructions are easy to follow and there are screen shots for each step. Plus, there are tips that guide you over some potential pitfalls.  I’m definitely applying the advice contained within this report to my own Facebook Fan Pages as well as those of my clients.

So I urge you to get this report now while it’s still at its low introductory price.

Special Report: How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages

How to Secure Your Facebook Fan Pages