How to Increase Your Sales 22X with Automated Webinar Replays

Increase Your Sales ConversionsWebinars, both live webinar and automated webinars, are highly effective at helping to boost conversions of your sales of your product and or service. This is because through webinars you gain a better understanding of just what is on offer and you get to know the product owner or service provider. Therefore, you feel more comfortable about doing business with them.

Testing and tracking  has shown that webinar replays can account for up to 70% of the overall sales made.

That’s staggering!

So if you are doing webinars and not allowing for replays then you are leaving money on the table.

The Evergreen Business System allows you to fully automate the  replaying of your webinar.  However, the difficulty that some people have is in actually creating the webinar in the first place. You have to be able to get the balance just right between delivering great content that people can act upon immediately after listening to the webinar and making your pitch.

Some webinars are rather thin on content. The presenter spends too much time talking about themselves, going off on tangents and pitching their product. They therefore end up with high drop-off rates and relatively low sales. Conversely, if you get the balance right, then the product and or service you’re promoting will virtually sell itself.

In fact, I attended a fantastic webinar recently where the presenter shared a story of how 15 minutes into his presentation someone was already asking for the “Order Now” link. The product that was on offer was essentially a piece of software and the person bought the software and started creating his first product with that software even before the webinar was over!

However, if you send a prospect direct to a sales page then the odds are that in many cases you’ll convert just 1% of your prospects into buying customers. In other words you have to send 100 prospects to your sales page before you achieve a sale. These are just average figures and sometimes you will do better but generally, if you use the direct approach, your conversions won’t be that much better.

However, if you sent your prospects to a video presentation or a webinar before sending them to a sales page can dramatically boost your conversions. In fact this marketer will reveal how it’s possible to get 22 TIMES MORE SALES with Automated Webinar Replays.

But the problem still boils down to creating the webinar or video presentation. Some folk just love doing webinars and creating presentations while others find it a real chore.

So, what if the hassle of having to prepare a webinar was taken away from you?

What if someone identified the market-place; found a great product to promote; created a video for you; and then all you had to do was promote the video?

Would that be really helpful to you?

Well, one smart marketer has done exactly that. And in the video below he’s going to share his solution to increasing your sales conversions 22 times in the video below.

[S3VIDEO file=’robocommissions/Ryan_Lee_Robo_Commissions_Webinar.flv’ width=’500′ height=’375′ buffer=’5′ controlbar=’autohide’ sitemap=’true’ bgimage=”” redirect=’’ ]

Now if you find increasing your conversions by a factor of 22 difficult to get your head around just drop one of the digits. Would it be worthwhile to you to simply DOUBLE your conversions, i.e. DOUBLE your income?

I thought so.

Now watch the video presentation.

Robo Commissions Video