How to Host Webinars Like a Pro

How to Become a Webinar LegendMany Internet marketers are making BIG profits through hosting webinars. However, if you’re new to hosting webinars it can seem rather daunting. A myriad of things can go wrong and often do go wrong. Still this is a problem that affects both experienced and inexperienced webinar hosts. The only difference is when you’re more experienced you can usually deal with the technical problems more smoothly.

However, putting the technical issues aside, what you also need to know is how to host successful webinars where you strike the right balance between delivering awesome content and pitching your offer. Some marketers are incredibly thin when it comes to providing content in their webinars and so they do poorly when it comes to selling their product or service.

Some marketers are afraid that if they give away too much information that no one will want to buy their material. The truth is that in a 60 minute or 90 minute webinar there’s a limit to how much information you can share. Plus by sharing great content in your webinar you will build authority and credibility and this will generally be reflected in your sales provided you get the “close” right.

There are numerous ways in which to “close” and the type of close you use is dependent upon your offer, your bonuses and even your personality among other factors.

It’s important to factor in your close when you are planning your presentation. Don’t expect to just wing it but on the other hand you should be flexible enough to be able to use a variety of closes as appropriate to your presentation

In other words, don’t think that you have to use just one form of closing in your presentation. Remember, different closes will also appeal to different individuals. One Internet marketer, Jason Fladlien, has come up with 25 different ways of closing and he has some rather creative and fun ways of describing them as can be seen from the image below, e.g. the Colombo Close, the Amnesia Close and the School Boy Close.

Click the link below to listen to a free webinar in which he shares some of his presentation secrets and provides examples of his various closing techniques. You can make a game out of seeing how many “closes” you can actually identify. The other thing you can do is when you attend webinars watch how other marketers present their webinars and pay close attention to what you find particularly effective.

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A major worry for marketers and something that often prevents them from taking action and including webinars in their marketing is that they don’t have a list or they only have a small list. You shouldn’t let this be a deterrent to you hosting webinars.

There are lots of different ways in which you can get folk onto your webinar. For instance you can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote your webinar. You can also use paid advertising affiliates and Joint Ventures to name a few.

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