How to Get Your First Book Published On Createspace

High Pile of BooksI love my Amazon Kindle.

It makes reading books so easy and convenient. However, despite the popularity of the Kindle and other ebook readers, there are many individuals who absolutely hate reading any form of ebook on any device. They still prefer to read a physical book.

For this and other reasons if you’ve published an ebook it makes sense to also publish the same book as a physical book. And Createspace is ideal for this.

Publish on Createspace

Once upon a time, when authors self-published their books they would end up with thousands of physical copies of their book which they would need to find storage for until they sold them. As you can imagine, under those circumstances the novelty of being a published author soon wore off as very often they struggled to sell all of the books.

When you publish a book via Createspace you don’t have to worry about storing any copies of your book at all if you don’t want to. Books published via Createspace are sold via Amazon and copies of your book will only be printed when someone actually orders your book. It’s a much more cost-effective way of printing.

It means that for your initial outlay, instead of spending thousands of dollars, all you need spend money on initially is having a proof copy sent to you. Some authors even forgo this step but I think it’s worthwhile checking the physical copy of your book to ensure that it is exactly as you wanted it.

Depending upon your skills, getting your book cover professionally done is also something that you might wish to outsource as it’s important for your book cover to look both professional and eye-catching. However, this need not be very expensive.

Plus, did you know Createspace has built-in images, fonts, and design templates? This makes designing your own book cover super easy.

Publish on Createspace

Another reason to publish a physical copy of your book is to add another revenue stream from your book. In many cases your royalties will be higher while maintaining the same profit-margins for, after the initial optional expenses that I’ve outlined, it won’t cost you any more to print your physical book.

John S. Rhodes, a #1 best-selling author and publisher, said,

“…several of my physical books have earned 2-to-3 times more royalties (every month) versus the ebook version.”

And once you’ve published one book you’ll find it easy to publish book #2, book #3 and so on. And, so long as you’re publishing quality books on topics that people want to read you’ll make sales and you’ll continue to build your income and book publishing revenue streams.

While Createspace aim to make publishing on their platform as simple as possible, it’s still advantageous to have someone walk you through the process step-by-step and I’ve just been reviewing a set of excellent videos that do just that. The instructions provided in the videos are easy-to-follow and they cover everything you need to know to publish your first book on Createspace.

The step-by-step videos tutorials cover:

  1. New Account Setup
  2. Adding a New Book to Your Account
  3. Interior Book Setup
  4. Book Cover Setup
  5. Book Review
  6. Distribution & Pricing
  7. Sales & Marketing
  8. Wrap-Up

Plus the videos are accompanied by Quick Guidelines PDF – if you’re the type who prefers to read instructions.

For this weekend only these videos are just $7 and there’s a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

You could actually make this a weekend project and get your first book published on Createspace this weekend and be potentially earning money by next weekend ,if you factor in the time it’ll take for you to receive a copy of your book if you want to proofread the physical copy, or even sooner if satisfied with just proofreading your book online.

Click the link below for details and enjoy being a published author.

Publish on Createspace

And, even if like me you enjoy reading books on Kindle and other ebook readers, there’s nothing like the excitement of holding a physical copy of your book in your hands. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment so do check out this weekend special:

Publish on Createspace