How to Get Local Businesses to Give You $500

Point Blank Clients LogoOver the past year or so there has been much talk about getting paid to do Internet Marketing for local businesses. While some folks are raking in the dollars doing just this, others are struggling to get going.

Some of the offline methods being taught for finding and recruiting clients require you to cold call… work long hours to rank websites… or spend huge amounts of money on design, branding, video creation and marketing and the list goes on.

But what if there were an easier way?

Well, one of my mentors, who is one of the top offline  consultants and strategists in the world, has discovered that certain local businesses are eager to pay you anything from a few hundred dollars to in excess of a thousand dollars for a service which, given the right tools, can be easily carried out.

What’s more, this is a largely untapped market which is EASY to access.

With affiliate marketing you have to drive large volumes of traffic. With information marketing you have to create high quality, unique content.

This method of marketing for offline clients does not involve any of this.

As you know, one way in which to boost your income is to increase your conversions and this method takes advantage of this fact. Using this method you’re going to help them convert traffic they already have… that’s not making them any money.

Naturally, this is a HUGE irritation for these businesses. And something businesses are willing to pay you handsomely to resolve.

In fact…

The INCREDIBLE value of your offer is going to sweep them off their feet…and once they recover, they’ll be signing $500 to $1,000 cheques that you can take straight to the bank!

For a very limited time you can enjoy a special discount on this elite package of tools and training. The training includes:

• The perfect businesses to target, and

• How to improve their page without even touching it.

Yes, you read that right and this makes your job easier than ever!

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Point Blank Clients

P.S. Whatever you do… at least read the page. It’s going to blow your mind. That’s how simple yet powerful it is!