How To Create And Make Money From Mobile Websites

Sublime Mobile Pro WordPress ThemeThe need for businesses to have mobile websites has become a must according to many Internet marketers and there is overwhelming support for this viewpoint. But even without concrete facts and figures if you just causally observation of people’s habits nowadays you can see just how much people are using mobile devices to access Facebook, Twitter, emails and the Internet in general.

Unfortunately, regarding the latter, the majority of websites on the Internet are not mobile friendly in that they cannot be easily read on mobile-devices and many are simply unreadable. If you have a WordPress website there are plugins that you can install to make your website mobile compatible but they are not the ideal solution.

You can’t create a mobile website in the same manner that you would create a normal website. Your mobile website needs to be much more succinct and functional. You also have to bear in mind that someone visiting your website using their mobile device will often have a different agenda to someone who visits your site on a laptop or desktop computer. So you need to identify the key information that such visitors will be looking for and provide this information in your mobile website in a format that’s easy to access, navigate and read.

However, while a mobile website is, in some ways but not entirely, a pared-down version of your main website, this doesn’t mean that such sites are easy to code. In fact, it’s quite the reverse. Even mobile websites that appear somewhat simplistic are complex in the extreme to code. This is partly because there are thousands of different mobile screen resolutions to take into consideration and your mobile website needs to look consistent on whatever mobile device it is view on.

These factors mean that mobile websites can be difficult to create and many of the solutions on the market fall short in a number of areas. Some are not easy to implement. Some still use techniques that you should use with mobile websites with the result that the resulting websites are truly mobile-friendly. Many are very expensive.

Well, I’ve got some good news and some even better news. I recently watched a webinar which revealed how you can simply and easily create mobile websites using customized premium WordPress themes.

How to Create and Make Money from Mobile Websites

This webinar really opened my eyes to a myriad of ways in which you can use mobile websites to make money through boost your own business and also by creating mobile websites for local businesses.

Click the link below to watch a replay of this webinar – no opt-in is required.

Create and Make Money from Mobile Web Sites

For instance, did you know that Google is currently pushing its advertisers to optimize their sites for mobile? In addition, having a web site that is optimized for mobile enhances your quality score, i.e. if your web site is mobile-friendly it will rank higher in the search engines.

Mobile websites is currently a very hot market and even if you don’t take advantage of the many business opportunities associated with creating mobile websites for other businesses you should be thinking of creating mobile versions of your own websites. So do check out this webinar. You’ll discover 7 ways to create big paydays from simple mobile sites plus you’ll see a demonstration of a special software which makes it super-easy to create mobile websites which are professional-looking and very functional.

Create and Make Money from Mobile Web Sites

WP Mobile Pro Webinar Replay